Tips For A Successful Session


· First and foremost, let me assure you that your baby's comfort and safety are my utmost concern and although we would hope to achieve certain poses, I would not in any way risk bodily harm in doing so.

· Try to book your session in the last trimester of pregnancy or earlier. The best age to photograph a newborn is at 1-2 weeks. We realize that due dates are only estimates and that your actual delivery date may necessitate an appointment change. We are happy to work with you!

· Your baby will spend a good part of the session undressed, with transition periods between shots when they will be wrapped in just a light blanket. Note that our heat is turned up or the air conditioner turned down 30 minutes before your arrival.

· A typical session will run a minimum of 2 to 3 hours depending on the baby's cooperation. 

· If you are breastfeeding, please stay away from spicy foods or caffeine the night before. Remember that what you take in, your baby takes in. We want a sleepy, happy baby for the session.

· It is very important to schedule feedings so that one can take place at the start of your appointment. Achieving optimal results will be easier if your baby is full and content. Have extra formula/water on hand for use later in the session as necessary. Also, feel free to bring a snack or beverage for yourself.

· Please have a clean pacifier on hand that is ready to use, even if you do not intend to use one on a regular basis. It will serve to soothe the baby for the duration of the shoot and will not cause any lasting effects.

· Feel free to bring any headbands or hats that you might like to see your baby wear. They may or may not be used, but it is good to have them on hand. Please choose items with delicate, small-scale decoration. We want to see your baby’s face!

· I use assorted natural fiber wraps in organic, earth tones and often shoot "au natural" poses. Bringing baby to the session dressed in a certain outfit is not necessary. Commercial newborn clothing rarely makes for a good photograph as most outfits appear over-sized at this age.

· If you intend to have parent/sibling poses with the baby, please dress in a solid black or darker colored top. No logos or writing of any kind. Having an extra top/change of clothes with you is a good idea as it will save time if your baby spits up or pees on you!

· Please remember that no cellphone photography is permitted during the session.

Why We Discourage Hospital Photography

Most hospitals do have an in-house photographer that will take a few nursery pictures of your baby during your stay. Since these photographers work for big companies and are based on a commission, they will try and push a big sale on products from their couple of bassinet images. Here at Tiny Pixels, you get a complete download of your images included in the price of your session, to print as you see fit. We use props, backgrounds and textured overlays in our edits, as well as photographs of the parents and baby's siblings. We can assist you, if you choose, to purchase additional prints or products from our top notch professional photo lab. It is entirely up to you! There will be no pressure.

3 to 12 months old:· 

· Please try and have baby nap prior to session time so that they are well rested and full of smiles!
- Once a baby gets hungry, it's all down hill from there, so make sure you bring a bottle and some snacks (or lunch) for their little tummy!
- You may have baby wear certain outfits or headbands brought from home, but please try and stick to the color scheme that was discussed in our prior conversations. It makes for a more polished image.
- Suggestions: A tutu with colored matching headband for girls. Bib overalls, or a tie and cap for boys. There will be some shirtless images so we need to have some type of diaper cover too.
- We do have an area for play activities for older siblings that are not scheduled for photos.
- If your child is ill or appears to be getting sick the day before or the morning of your appointment, please contact us as soon as you suspect that you may need to cancel. We will be happy to reschedule when your child is feeling better.

· Please remember that no cellphone photography is permitted during the session.

*For full appreciation of your photographic images, we suggest
viewing your gallery on a full computer screen
and not just your smart phone.